A 'Beauty from Ashes' Story

My love of letterpress began in a college class, and was fostered during an internship with a small studio in Athens, Georgia. In 2016, I purchased my first press, though life took an unexpected turn when I was offered a product design job in Utah where I would launch my product design career, putting my letterpress dreams on hold.

Two years later, in the aftermath of an abusive relationship, I nearly gave up my letterpress dreams (I even sold my one and only press at the time…only to have it come back to me! A total God story). But God brought beauty from the ashes of my story, and breathed new life into me and this calling, often through the support and care of others.

Today, Flourishe Press is on mission to see beauty come from the ashes of other womens’ stories, too.

That’s why a portion of every FP sale goes to Beauty from Ashes Ministries, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Utah that I had the opportunity to help start through a support group back in 2019. Today I still lead a weekly support group and volunteer as an Advocate for women experiencing oppression in relationships, so I get to see the impact of these donations firsthand. It’s a total privilege to see God at work bringing healing and redemption out of what can otherwise seem like total destruction. He is so faithful, and these women are beautiful, incredible, and the inspiration at the heart of this small business.

It’s a big dream for a small studio, and I’m honored and inexpressibly grateful to you for following along and supporting this dream to see others flourish.

xo, Morgan

  • Black and white image of Letterpress artist and graphic designer Morgan Warlick in her Orem, Utah letterpress studio


    Morgan is the creative mind and maker here at Flourishe. She loves antiques, reading books in a quiet room, and growing roses - you know, like a grandma. To balance that out, she also enjoys long hikes in the mountains and snowboarding. A survivor of domestic abuse, she is a passionate advocate for other survivors, and is grateful for much redemption in her life, including her sweet husband Kent.

  • KENT

    Kent is a mechanical engineer/machine extrordinaire. He helps run this family business, tinkers with our presses, and offers routine emotional support to the team. On the side, he is a crazy ultrarunning man who casually enjoys eating 14,000 foot alpine mountains for breakfast. He hails from Tucson and loves a good craft beer, but still somehow moved to Utah, he says because he really loves his wife. And he does.

  • Golden retriever in front of an antique letterpress machine in an Orem, Utah design studio


    Molly is our resident Shop Doggo, who can most often be found sleeping on the job or interrupting work flow for pets. At least she is cute.

    She is a wonderful advocate for healthy work-life balance around here, and keeps the atmosphere bright with her golden smile.


    Elizabeth is our Project Manager and chief Waffle Party Coordinator. Trained as a florist and a former business owner, she loves being able to use her skills to support the creative environment of letterpress. She enjoys hiking and camping in the Utah mountains, has recently picked up nature sketching and is currently trying to learn to identity all of the Wasatch wildflowers - a daunting task!

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