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Ashes Will Turn to Beauty | Letterpress Art Print Wall Decor

Ashes Will Turn to Beauty | Letterpress Art Print Wall Decor

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12x15" signed letterpress art print "Ashes will turn to beauty"

Printed by hand on a vintage Vandercook press 4 hand-mixed ink colors // 4 runs through the press

Printed on 100% cotton, tree-free paper



This print features a beautiful wildflower, chamaenerion angustifolium, also known as Fireweed in North America. As a "pioneer species," Fireweed is one of the first organisms to quickly colonize disturbed ecological areas like fire scars. It was one of the first plants to appear after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Saint Helens in Oregon, and even took over urban burned ground after London was bombed in World War II (in England, they still call it “bombweed”).

Fireweed disperses by thousands of seeds carried by the wind on little silky tufts each fall, but it also spreads underground through a system of stems. When a fire moves through, the rhizomes usually survive the burn and can quickly grow again the following summer. This underground network helps stabilize burned soil from eroding, and the plants help recycle nutrients back into the earth. New growth is actually spurred on by the burned, blackened surfaces, which attracts sunshine and solar radiation to produce plenty of food to attract elk and deer, who in turn help more seeds to spread. Traditionally, it has even been used medicinally to heal and bind up wounds. For all these reasons and more, this Fireweed is a champion of restoration and renewal, signaling a turning from death to life, and the resurrection of beauty out of ashes.


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